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What is it?

Employers Connect is an innovative recruitment website for the whole community. We let job seekers search for jobs, employers search for job seekers and get the rest of the community involved to assist!

Why use it?

Traditional job search sites are limited by 20th century thinking and outdated HR practices. Employers Connect leverages self-service and social web technology to improve the employment experience for all parties.

So you have more power to get the interview, or more information to make the right hire choice.

See what our clients say


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    They got me an ideal local temp job in just over a week.

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    I have been employed through a number of different companies over the last 10 years doing the same old thing, but Employers Connect got me that perfect job.

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    I would highly recommend Employers Connect to any employer because of their unique jobseeker video profiles.

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    It took me literally 10 minutes to find the right employee and it cost me nothing.

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    I registered with Employers Connect and was immediately matched to an employer.

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    Initially I was a little unsure about uploading my profile, but after viewing the Jobseeker instructions video I completed it in under 5 minutes.

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Job Seekers

  • ‌Completely FREE!
  • Advertise yourself to employers
  • Let them find you and get hired faster!
  • ‌Search jobs & training
  • Submit customised job applications
  • Receive job notifications
  • Set your own status and privacy controls

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  • ‌‌Reduce your Recruitment Costs
  • Increase your Hire Quality
  • View Job Seeker profiles for FREE!
  • ‌Message & Contact Job Seekers
  • Post Job Advertisements
  • Better Recruitment Management Tools
  • Receive Customised Video Job Applications

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Training Providers

  • ‌‌List & Advertise your Courses
  • Be Included in Our Course Directory
  • Allow Potential Students to Find You
  • ‌Target Advertising to students in your industry
  • We have effective marketing strategies to promote your courses

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